ArcelorMittal Poland agreed on a new collective agreement

ArcelorMittal Poland (AMP) has agreed on the content of a new Collective Labor Agreement. During the negotiations, we managed to defend the employees’ salaries. However, there is still no reason for euphoria, as noted by Lech Maiczak, vice president of Solidarity Medical Academy in Dombrowa Gurnice.

  • The structure of the company includes five steel plants: in Dombrowa Gurnice, Krakow, Sosnowiec, Swietochlowice and Chorzów.
  • The group also includes the Zdzieszowice by-product coke plant. In total, AMP employs about 10,000 people. staff. And about 3 thousand more. people work in subsidiaries.

ArcelorMittal Poland was able to agree on the content of a new Collective Labor Agreement, and the previous agreement was terminated by the employer last year without explanation.

What was agreed

– During the negotiations, we managed to defend the salaries of the employees. However, we have no reason to be euphoric, ”emphasizes Lech Maichshak, Vice President of Solidarity at ArcelorMittal Poland in Dombrowa Gurnitz.

On May 29, 2020, the Management Board of ArcelorMittal Poland informed the trade unions about the unilateral termination of the Collective Labor Agreement. As the Silesian-Dombrowskaya Solidarity points out, the decision of the group’s management aroused indignation among the employees. The unionists then stressed that they believed the employer was using the pandemic to strip employees of their collective bargaining rights. Along with the termination of the Collective Labor Agreement, the board of the company presented to the social party a proposal for a new procedure.

– If we adopted this document, it would mean a decrease in the salaries of employees by about 30-40 percent. – says Lech Maichshak, quoted by the Silesian-Dombrow solidarity. “As a result of extremely difficult negotiations that lasted for many months, further complicated by the pandemic, we managed to agree on such provisions of the new Collective Labor Agreement that employees would not lose their wages. However, we continue to believe that the employer’s behavior was highly inappropriate and unethical, adds Lech Majczak.

After the termination of the collective agreement, the trade unions and the employer had to agree on a new document within a year. As ląsko-Dąbrowa Solidarność shows, if it fails, the workers are left with nothing. The term expired at the end of May. The new ZUZP for ArcelorMittal Poland employees includes many new solutions to benefit employees.

– This is our postulate for many years. Employees who transfer their knowledge and skills to new recruits will receive a bonus of 300 PLN. This amount will be re-estimated every year, says Lech Maichrzak, quoted by the Silesian-Dбbrowski Solidarity.

However, the provisions regarding anniversary bonuses and retirement benefits in AMP will be less favorable than before. Anniversaries will be liquidated in exchange for an increase in the basic contribution paid by the employer to the Employee Pension Plan.

The largest steel producer in Poland

However, the severance pay will be limited to the amount provided by the Labor Code.

– We managed to agree on transition periods. Both benefits will be paid on the same terms for another ten years. This is the only thing that has been achieved in these extremely difficult conditions, emphasizes Mayczak.

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