ArcelorMittal plans investments in Canada

ArcelorMittal and the Government of Canada announced a planned investment of CAD 1.756 billion ($ 1.41 billion) in decarbonization technology at ArcelorMittal’s Dofasco plant in Hamilton, Ontario, including the installation of a new electric arc furnace and direct reduced iron plant …

The investment will reduce Dofasco’s annual carbon dioxide emissions by about 3 million tonnes, or about 60% of emissions, over the next seven years, ArcelorMittal said.

“This means the Hamilton plant will move from an oxygen blast furnace production line to direct reduced iron (DRI) steel – an arc furnace (EAF) that has a significantly lower carbon footprint,” the company said. …

The planned investments include a DRI plant with a capacity of 2 Mtpa and an EAF plant capable of producing 2.4 Mtpa of steel. The company said it will also carry out modifications to the existing particle board plant and continuous casting plants to match the performance, quality and energy capabilities of all assets at the new location, with the production of particle board and EAF expected by the end of 2028.

Dofasco currently operates three blast furnaces and one electric arc furnace. According to the company’s website, about 4.5 million tonnes of carbon steel flat products are sourced annually from Dofasco.

The investment is dependent on support from the governments of Canada and Ontario, the company said.

The Canadian federal government announced on July 30 that it is investing C $ 400 million in the project, and the company is in talks with the Ontario government to support it, ArcelorMittal said.

“This is the first major decarbonization project we have announced outside of Europe and again reflects ArcelorMittal’s determination to lead the decarbonization process in the steel industry,” said ArcelorMittal CEO Aditya Mittal in a statement.

The project is part of the company’s new global goal of reducing carbon emissions by 25% by 2030, which was announced on July 29.

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