Weekly statistics published by the American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI) indicate a significant decline in crude steel production in the last week ending October 3, 2020.

Weekly production of raw steel was 1.484 million tonnes at a 66.6% capacity utilization. By comparison, in the week ending October 3, 2019, 1.803 million tonnes were produced at a capacity utilization rate of 77.7%. Compared to the same period last year, production fell significantly by 17.7%. On the other hand, production increased slightly by 0.3% over the previous week. For the week ended September 26, 2020, AISI reported net steel production of 1.480 million at a capacity utilization rate of 66.10%.

Production in the Southern Region exceeded 575,000 net tonnes, followed by the Great Lakes, which produced 531,000 net tonnes. Smelting in the Midwest and Northeast was 168,000 tonnes and 144,000 tonnes, respectively. Meanwhile, the Western Region accounted for 66,000 net tonnes of steel produced.

Adjusted cumulative smelting from the beginning of the year to October 3, 2020 was 59.444 million tonnes. From the beginning of the year to October 3, 2019, smelting amounted to 73.936 million tons. In addition, the capacity utilization rate fell from 80.3% a year earlier to 66.2% this year.

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