Mayor of Kiev calls on Bolt to remove electric scooter rental points

Kiev Mayor Vitali Klitschko called on the Bolt company to remove unauthorized rental points for electric scooters, since the movement of this type of transport is not regulated by current legislation. “Friends! The Bolt company, without agreement with the city, placed electric scooter rental points in the capital. The movement of this type of” transport “is not regulated by the current legislation of Ukraine. Therefore, the city cannot allow the company to provide this type of service,” the mayor of the capital wrote in his Telegram channel. Saturday. Klitschko also noted that the Kyiv City State Administration received proposals for holding an investment competition for the placement of rental points for electric scooters – on the principle of bicycle rental. According to him, the competition will be held, but after making appropriate changes to the legislation of Ukraine on road traffic. “Therefore, I call on the Bolt company to remove unauthorized rental points. And to comply with the current legislation. Otherwise, city services will be forced to remove unauthorized points with electric scooters,” Klitschko stressed.

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