Interbank: the dollar is again approaching an annual record against the hryvnia

On the Ukrainian interbank foreign exchange market, the dollar is again approaching the annual maximum against the hryvnia, already recorded earlier this month (on October 6, the NBU set the official rate of 28 hryvnia 40 kopecks per dollar, it was a record for almost two of the year, since November 2018). According to, as of 12:00 the quotes reached 28 hryvnia 36.5-38 kopecks per dollar (from the morning level of 28 hryvnia 34-35.5 kopecks per unit of the American currency). “Financiers and clients are now pondering the main question: the exit of the regulator (in the afternoon of October 26, the NBU entered trading with a dollar offer at 28.34 hryvnia – ed.) – this is a long-term signal, it is satisfied with the level of about 28.35 hryvnia per dollar or yet yesterday it was a one-off action to prevent the market from rocking on the first day after the local elections.

The behavior of the regulator today (whether it exits or does not enter trades) will allow market participants to get a more accurate answer to this question, ”analysts of the Ministry of Finance website informed before the session. The National Bank of Ukraine set noon on October 27 as a reference value of the exchange rate of 28 hryvnia 36 kopecks per dollar.

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