The NBU rate is approaching 27 hryvnia per dollar

The National Bank of Ukraine set for June 16 the rate of 26 hryvnia 84 kopecks per dollar, which is 11 kopecks more than the official rate set for Monday, June 15. On the Ukrainian interbank foreign exchange market in the first half of the session on June 15, demand exceeded the supply of foreign currency, but in the last few hours of trading, the trend changed somewhat, and trading ended at 26 hryvnia 78-81 kopecks per dollar, according to data. An important factor influencing the course of trading is scheduled for Tuesday, June 16, the auction for the sale of government bonds.

“After the discount rate has been cut to 6%, a new battle for the yield on the new bonds will now unfold. At the last auction on June 9, investors were in a hurry to fix the old yield (with the accounting NBU at 8%) and were able to buy securities with a yield of 9% to 10.80% per annum. Therefore, now officials are unlikely to be able to abruptly lower it, but they will strive for it.

The preparation, conduct and results of the auction will affect both the resource and indirectly the foreign exchange markets, starting from Monday to Wednesday, “analysts of the Ministry of Finance website point out. In a wide corridor of 26.5-27 hryvnia per dollar, the exchange rate has been holding for more than two and a half months, since the end of April.

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