The hryvnia will strengthen slightly in early July – NBU

The official exchange rate of the hryvnia against the dollar as of July 1 will be 2 kopecks stronger than June 30, according to the website of the National Bank. According to the regulator, on June 30, the dollar is worth 26.6922 hryvnia, and on July 1, the rate will be 26.6676 hryvnia. The reference value of the national currency rate, the NBU set noon on July 30, equal to 26 hryvnia 66 kopecks.

According to the niche portal “Minfin”, trading on the interbank market began on the morning of June 30 from the mark of 26 hryvnia 68-71 kopecks. During the day, the rate increased slightly, but by the end of trading it is approaching at about the same level – 26.68-70 hryvnia. On June 24, the NBU stated that the official exchange rate of the hryvnia against the US dollar has remained stable for almost three months – since the end of April.

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