The largest recipients of VAT refunds in September were grain trader “Nibulon” and MMK im. Ilyich and Zaporizhstal

The largest recipients of value added tax (VAT) refunds among Ukrainian enterprises in September were grain trader Nibulon and two enterprises affiliated with Metinvest Group – Mariupol Metallurgical Plant (MMK) named after Ilyich and Zaporizhstal, according to data on the website of the State Treasury Service (GKSU).

According to the SCSU, “Nibulon” increased the VAT refund rate by 2.3 times over the month – from UAH 364.4 million in August to UAH 868.6 million, thus breaking out of the second five of the list to the leaders. p>

Ilyich Iron and Steel Works retained the second position, although it worsened its result by a quarter – UAH 669.4 million (UAH 908.9 million in August), while Zaporizhstal increased the refund rate of the specified tax from 423.2 UAH million in August to UAH 616.8 million in September.

According to the SCSU, the top five recipients are closed by ArcelorMittal Kryvyi Rih – UAH 567.4 million (UAH 375.8 million) and the Dnipro Metallurgical Plant – UAH 449.8 million (there was no refund in August).

The exporter of grain and oilseeds AT Cargill increased its result 3.5 times – UAH 423.8 million (UAH 119.4 million) , while the Azovstal iron and steel works affiliated with Metinvest, which topped the list in August, worsened its indicator from UAH 687.2 million to UAH 369.9 million and lowered I am in the second five.

The top ten recipients of VAT refunds also included the Katerinopil elevator – UAH 354.8 million (201.1 million), the agricultural limited liability company “Druzhba-nova” – UAH 321.9 million (there was no refund in August), Polyus Trading – UAH 291.2 million (UAH 295.1 million).

The third five largest recipients are opened by Kernel-Trade, which reduced the VAT refund from 547.7 UAH million in August up to UAH 255 million in September, as well as “Suntrade” – UAH 237.5 million (UAH 321.1 million).

Next in the list of recipients is launched in June 2017 after a five-year downtime ” Karpatnaftokhim “- it increased the VAT refund from UAH 171.9 million in August to UAH 189.6 million. Behind it is the company “Enselko Agro” – UAH 179.5 million (there was no refund in August).

Cofco Agri Resources Ukraine tripled the amount of VAT refund – UAH 167.5 million against 54.2 million UAH in August. The State Food and Grain Corporation of Ukraine also improved its indicator for the month – 166.5 million (UAH 101.5 million), Poltava Mining and Processing Plant (GOK) – UAH 165.6 million (UAH 161.9 million), MGZ – 144 , UAH 1 million (UAH 135.5 million).

The penultimate among the twenty largest recipients of VAT is Roshen confectionery corporation – UAH 139.9 million, while in August the company did not have data on VAT refunds.

Dneprovsky Metallurgical Plant closes the first twenty, having twice worsened its result – UAH 131.5 million against UAH 275.2 million in August.

In addition to these companies, the manufacturer received more than UAH 100 million compensation engines for aviation equipment and industrial gas turbine plants “Motor Sich” – UAH 124.7 million (UAH 202.4 million), several mining and processing plants – Yuzhny GOK – UAH 123.9 million (UAH 94.4 million), Central GOK – UAH 117.6 million (UAH 116.3 million), Eristovsky GOK – UAH 116.4 million (UAH 50.1 million), and also LDK Ukraine – UAH 113.3 million and Elektrostal-Kurakhovo – UAH 107.2 million (these two companies did not have data on VAT refunds in August).

Five more companies received VAT refunds more than UAH 70 million: Souffle Agro Ukraine – UAH 90 million (there were no data on compensation in August), Globinsky processing plant – UAH 85.9 million (UAH 104.3 million), Vesko – UAH 83.2 million ( there were no data on reimbursement in August), Sieches Ukraine – UAH 72.5 million (UAH 15.4 million), Centravis Production Ukraine – UAH 70.2 million (UAH 57.6 million).

As reported, in January-September 2018, VAT was refunded in the amount of UAH 97.62 billion, which is 11.5% more than in the nine months of last year. Including the September indignation amounted to UAH 12.46 billion compared to UAH 9.99 billion in August this year and UAH 9.67 billion in September last.

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