Which countries will open for tourists in July

Some countries of the world are ready to receive foreign travelers from July 1, others – from the middle of the month.

Vietnam will resume issuing electronic visas to citizens of 80 countries on July 1. They will be valid for entry through 8 international airports, 13 seaports and 16 other border points. In Vietnam, 352 cases of COVID-19 and not a single death were registered for the entire time.

The Dominican Republic also expects to resume receiving foreign tourists on July 1, from this date commercial flights will begin. By the beginning of July, half of the hotels in the country will be open, the rest will open in November. Tourists will be faced with temperature checks and other security measures upon arrival. More than 29 thousand cases of COVID-19 have been registered in the Dominican Republic.

Some of the resorts of Egypt, including Hurghada, Sharm el-Sheikh, Marsa Alam and Marsa Matruh, will start receiving foreign tourists again from July 1. Hotels in the restricted country opened to local travelers back in May. More than 58 thousand cases of COVID-19 have been registered in Egypt.

Georgia will also receive foreign tourists from July 1. At the moment, it is not clear whether Russians will be able to enter the country, since Georgia will primarily receive travelers from countries with a low prevalence of COVID-19. Requirements for the entry of tourists have not yet been announced. Georgia has recorded 917 cases of COVID-19 and 14 deaths.

EU countries will gradually begin to open their external borders on July 1. It is assumed that residents of states with a favorable epidemiological situation, mainly the Balkan countries, will be the first to travel to the EU.

Greece will begin accepting foreign tourists at its resorts from July 1. The airports of Athens and Thessaloniki resumed their work in mid-June. Arriving tourists were tested there for COVID-19. In Greece, 3.3 thousand cases of coronavirus have been registered for the entire time, almost 200 people have died.

Malta will open for tourists from some European countries from July 1, and from the 15th it plans to remove restrictions for travelers from all the rest states. Tourists, most likely, will not face any requirements at the entrance, however, the recommendation to wear masks will remain. For all the time, only 668 cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed in Malta, 9 people have died.

Dubai (UAE) plans to start receiving foreign tourists on July 7. Tourists will be required to take out insurance and present a coronavirus test – it will also be possible to pass it at the airport. In addition, travelers will need to upload their data to the COVID-19 DXB app and complete a “health declaration” on the plane. The UAE has registered almost 46 thousand cases of COVID-19.

The Maldives will open to foreign tourists on July 15. Tourists will receive a free visa for 30 days upon arrival, no COVID-19 certificates are required. Travelers will need a hotel reservation, they will not be able to change it during the trip. More than 2.2 thousand cases of COVID-19 and eight deaths have been reported in the Maldives.

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