Interpipe Stal reduced steel production by 11.2%

Electric steelmaking complex “Interpipe Steel” of the international vertically integrated tube and wheel company (TKK) “Interpipe” (Dnipro) in 2020 reduced steel production, according to operational data, by 11.2% compared to the previous year – to 758 , 7 thousand tons.

The company informed Interfax-Ukraine that 61.8 thousand tons of steel were smelted in December.

The company’s press release released on Monday notes that in January 2021 the innovative electric steel-making complex will Interpipe Steel celebrates its 9th anniversary. At the same time, it is noted that this is the first steel plant built in Ukraine from scratch during the years of independence, and the largest “green” investment in the domestic industry worth $ 1 billion (together with related industries).

The message notes that construction Interpipe Steel made it possible to close the environmentally dirty open-hearth production and cut CO2 emissions by almost 10 times. Thanks to this, the plant already meets European environmental standards and the goals of the European Green Deal for 2050: its emissions do not exceed 250 kg of CO2 per ton of steel.

In addition, gross emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere have been reduced by 2.5 times, gas consumption – 8 times.

The press service clarifies that the electric steel-smelting complex is equipped with a modern dust and gas cleaning system according to European standards. Dust formed during steel smelting settles on filters and then granulates. The plant also built a closed water supply cycle, thanks to which industrial discharges do not enter the Dnieper River. In addition, due to the dog-house protective casing around the electric furnace, the noise level meets European standards.

Interpipe’s Director of Economics and Finance Denis Morozov noted that Interpipe 9 years ago invested about $ 1 billion in the construction of a new metallurgical plant according to the strictest European environmental standards.

“At that time the issue of environmental modernization of industry was not as acute as it is now. But our example proves that decarbonization of industry is possible in Ukraine. Each investment project can and should have an economic, and the ecological component. You can not only dream of a European path, but also build Europe in Ukraine yourself, “stated Morozov, whose words are quoted in a press release.

As reported, the essence of the Green Deal is that that the European Union will demand from its producers to reduce the burden on the environment. Realizing that this entails significant additional costs for European business, the EU will impose import restrictions, which will be motivated by environmental considerations. At the same time, European enterprises will receive from their governments significant financial incentives for environmental modernization. The European Green Deal Investment Plan was approved, which provides for attracting more than EUR1 trillion of investments in 2021-2030, 64% of them are states

Interpipe is a Ukrainian industrial company, manufacturer of seamless pipes and railways wheels. The company’s products are supplied to more than 80 countries of the world through a network of sales offices located in key markets of the CIS, the Middle East, North America and Europe. In 2019, Interpipe sold 823 thousand tons of finished products, including 202 thousand tons of railway products. Railway products are sold under the KLW brand.

Interpipe employs 11 thousand people. In 2019, the company transferred UAH 3.25 billion to the budgets of all levels.

The company has five industrial assets: Interpipe Nizhnedneprovsky Pipe-Rolling Plant (NTZ), Interpipe Novomoskovsk Pipe Plant (NMPP), ” Interpipe Niko-Tube “,” Dnepropetrovsk Vtormet “and electric steel-making complex” Dneprostal “under the brand” Interpipe Steel “.

Based on materials: Interfax-Ukraine

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