“It couldn’t get worse” – Danilyuk on how the resignation of Smoliy will affect investments in Ukraine

The resignation of the head of the National Bank Yakov Smoliy will not worsen the investment climate in Ukraine, because as of today it is already unfavorable. This opinion was expressed on the air of Radio Liberty by the ex-minister of finance (in 2016-2018) and the former secretary of the NSDC (from May to September 2019), Alexander Danilyuk. “Will not worsen (investments in Ukraine – ed.).

Do you know why? And it couldn’t get worse … I talked with our bureaucrats. We have such a low bar.

It seems that they do not watch what is happening abroad at all. Since our neighbors have attracted billions, many times more than Ukraine. And we believe that if we have attracted 2-3 billion dollars a year … then this already has a certain level of investment.

No! ”said Danilyuk. Tomas Fiala, director of the Dragon Capital investment company, has already announced the termination of investment in Ukraine. “We will postpone new investments, because the authorities have been doing the exact opposite of what investors, both domestic and international, expect and advise them over the past five months,” he said.

According to him, Smoliy’s resignation “through political pressure” was “the last straw” for the company. Read also: “We need to be more decisive.” Smoliy told why he could not announce the pressure without resigning. Earlier on July 3, the Verkhovna Rada supported the resolution on the resignation of the head of the National Bank, Yakov Smoliy.

On July 1, he wrote a letter of resignation of his own free will for “systematic political pressure.” The President’s Office assured that the National Bank will remain an independent body. Yakov Smoliy has been the chairman of the NBU since March 2018.

His resignation has raised concerns among investors and the business community.

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