The hryvnia has increased by another two kopecks against the US dollar

The National Bank of Ukraine has set the rate of 26 hryvnia 80 kopecks per dollar on June 3, which is two kopecks less than the official rate on June 2. The hryvnia has been strengthening for the fourth day in a row – after last week, for the first time in more than a month, the rate reached 27 hryvnia per dollar. Trading on the Ukrainian interbank foreign exchange market ends at a similar level to the official level – 26 hryvnia 79-81 kopecks per dollar, according to data from as of 16:25 Kiev time.

According to analysts from the Ministry of Finance website, the hryvnia is favored by the revival of economic activity in Ukraine (entrepreneurs need the hryvnia, among other things, to pay salaries, pay rent, raw materials and supplies) and hold an auction on May 3 OVGZ. The beginning of the dividend withdrawal period by subsidiaries of foreign banks is working against the hryvnia. On Tuesday, these factors, together with the traditional $ 20 million buyout by the NBU, balanced the market.

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