The hryvnia fell to an almost three-year low against the US dollar – NBU rate

The National Bank of Ukraine set the rate of 28 hryvnia 58 kopecks per dollar on November 3, which is 13 kopecks more than the official rate for today. Thus, the dollar has renewed its record against the hryvnia for the last 33 months. The highest official rate was on February 26, 2015, when this value reached an absolute record for one day – 30 hryvnia 1 kopeck per dollar.

The day before the NBU exchange rate was 28 hryvnia 5 kopecks, and on February 27 – 27 hryvnia 76 kopecks. Also, the current value of the rate was higher in the second half of January 2018, then the maximum was 28 hryvnia 88 kopecks per dollar (exchange rate as of January 23, 2018). Now the dollar has reached one of the record values ​​in history against the hryvnia due to a gradual movement – usually by five to ten kopecks a day.

According to analysts from the Ministry of Finance website, on November 2, the NBU, Oschadbank and Ukrgasbank entered the market with dollar offers, but their joint efforts were not enough to meet the demand for foreign currency. Trading in the interbank foreign exchange market ended at the level of 28 hryvnia 61-62.5 kopecks per dollar, according to data from

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