The hryvnia has strengthened against the dollar at the NBU rate and on the interbank market

The Ukrainian hryvnia is strengthening against the US dollar for the third day in a row. At the NBU rate, the national currency won back 4 kopecks from the American one, the official rate as of October 9 was 28 hryvnias 28 kopecks – 12 kopecks less than the peak value for more than two years. An even greater strengthening of the hryvnia was in the interbank market.

According to, trading on October 8 ended at UAH 28 at 21.5-23.5 kopecks per dollar, which is 8 kopecks less than the session opening level. Among the reasons for the strengthening of the hryvnia, the specialists of the Ministry of Finance cite the completion of the dividend withdrawal period by the subsidiaries of foreign companies, the absence of a negative market reaction to possible personnel changes in the NBU and the need to finance current business operations against the background of VAT refunds already practically spent by exporters. Despite gains this week, the hryvnia is still close to its lowest level this year.

About two months ago, on August 17, trading ended almost a hryvnia lower – at the level of 27 hryvnia 23.5-25.5 kopecks per unit of American currency.

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