The hryvnia has strengthened by another 4 kopecks against the dollar – NBU

The National Bank of Ukraine announced at noon on May 15 the reference value of the exchange rate of 26 hryvnia 64 kopecks per dollar, which is four kopecks less than the official rate for today. According to experts from the website “Ministry of Finance”, the NBU has already entered the interbank foreign exchange market twice during the current session, buying out surplus dollars at 26 hryvnia 66 kopecks and 26 hryvnia 63 kopecks, preventing a further weakening of the American currency. “Ahead is the period of budget payments, and against the background of the hryvnia deficit in most companies and the fall in their revenues, the period of concentration of resources for settlements with the state for them is increasing.

Many of them today prefer not to buy foreign currency on the market, but place their hryvnia on short deposits before the tax payment deadline and accumulate the national currency for budgetary calculations. This will reduce the pressure on the foreign exchange market, ”experts point out. According to, as of 14:00, quotes on the interbank foreign exchange market were 26 hryvnia, 63-65 kopecks per dollar.

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