The hryvnia is strengthening against the dollar for the second day in a row

The National Bank of Ukraine has set the rate of 28 hryvnia 32 kopecks per dollar on October 8, which is 4 kopecks less than the official rate for today. From the peak over the past two years, the rate of 28 hryvnia 40 kopecks per dollar, the national currency has strengthened by 8 kopecks. Trading on the interbank foreign exchange market ended even more optimistically for the hryvnia, quotes dropped to 28 hryvnia 30-32 kopecks per dollar, according to data from

The behavior of the resource and foreign exchange markets was partially influenced by the positive results of the auction of the Ministry of Finance for the placement of government bonds, experts of the website “Ministry of Finance” write. “Officials sold bonds for a total of 7,245,000,000 hryvnia, including for $ 135,300,000. Today is the day of settlements for these securities, and a certain hryvnia deficit will work in favor of the national currency,” experts noted during the trading session.

Despite a slight increase, the hryvnia is still close to its lowest levels this year. About two months ago, on August 17, trading ended at the level of 27 hryvnia, 23.5-25.5 kopecks per unit of the American currency.

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