The hryvnia again came close to the annual minimum against the US dollar

The National Bank of Ukraine set noon on October 19 as a reference value of the rate of 28 hryvnia 38 kopecks per dollar. This is 2 kopecks more than the official exchange rate for today and 2 kopecks less than the record this year (28.4 hryvnia per dollar), set for October 6. According to, as of 12:35 pm trading on the interbank foreign exchange market is held at the level of 28 hryvnia, 37-39 kopecks per dollar.

Specialists of the website “Ministry of Finance” see no reason for the depreciation of the hryvnia at the beginning of this week. “The main motivator for all bidders will be the need to settle with the budget. Clients need to hurry to close their debts to the state.

The deficit of the hryvnia in the part of large players will lead to an increase in foreign currency sales by exporters against the background of a decrease in the possibility of buying it by importers, because they also need to close their debts to the tax authorities, “the experts say to the Ministry of Finance. The hryvnia is now near the lowest in This year indicators (28.4 per dollar). About two months ago, on August 17, trading ended by more than hryvnia lower – at the level of 27 hryvnia 23.5-25.5 kopecks per unit of American currency.

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