Head of the NBU Shevchenko: “The IMF was, is and will be a key strategic partner of Ukraine”

Chairman of the National Bank of Ukraine Kirill Shevchenko announced his readiness to continue to fulfill obligations under the memorandum with the International Monetary Fund, the NBU press service informs. “The IMF was, is and will be a key strategic partner of Ukraine in general and the National Bank in particular. Therefore, the full and successful implementation of the cooperation program with the IMF is my priority.

I can assure you that all the obligations that the National Bank assumed under the Memorandum on Economic and Financial Policy will be fulfilled in full and on time, “Shevchenko stressed at a meeting with representatives of the International Monetary Fund – Chairman of the IMF Mission in Ukraine Ivanna Vladkova Gollar, IMF Resident Representative in Ukraine Yostoy Lyunuman and IMF Deputy Executive Director Vladislav Rashkovan. Representatives of the International Monetary Fund noted that it is largely the balanced policy of the National Bank that Ukraine owes to the macroeconomic stabilization of the last five years, and this would have been impossible without the independence of the central bank, the message says. On the evening of July 1, the chairman of the National Bank, Yakov Smoliy, wrote a letter of resignation of his own free will for “systematic political pressure.”

The President’s Office assured that the National Bank will remain an independent body. On July 3, the Verkhovna Rada dismissed Smoliy. During the parliamentary session, the NBU chairman named among the reasons for his decision to resign “the use of the NBU Council to create a corporate conflict within the institution.”

On July 16, the Verkhovna Rada supported the candidacy of Kirill Shevchenko, proposed by the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, for the post of NBU chairman.

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