A factory of Christmas tree decorations near Kiev produced Christmas decorations with the logo of the Russian army

Klavdievskaya factory of Christmas tree decorations (Kiev region) produced New Year decorations with the logo of the Russian army, after spreading such information on social networks and. about. the head of the board of the enterprise, Pavel Gukasov, apologized and said that the entire circulation was destroyed.

“Yesterday an incident occurred at the Klavdievskaya factory, which requires my comments as a representative of the factory management. The basis of the conflict was the balls with the logo of the Russian army, which visitors saw during a tour of the factory. I want to note that the factory is active in the field of education, entertainment and tourism, and also develops projects and business not only on the territory of Ukraine, but also abroad, under my leadership.Historically, one of the markets for products was the Russian Federation. Due to the short seasonality of the business and in the struggle for the market with Chinese manufacturers over the past six years, the factory has not been able to completely abandon the Russian market, “Gukasov wrote on the Facebook social network.

He explained that some of the products were supplied to Russia, and orders were placed through a CRM system, which made it possible to speed up the execution of orders under tight deadlines.

“The economic crisis and the introduction of quarantine measures led to a reduction in the excursion flow, which raised the question of the further existence of the factory. Therefore, the development of new projects took up the main resource of my time and all orders from the Russian side went directly without my attention. Since the employees were not instructed by me, take orders of a similar format, they began to fulfill it without any doubt, “- said Gukasov, noting that the production of such Christmas tree decorations has been discontinued. “At the moment, the circulation has been liquidated,” he added.

Gukasov assured that all further orders will directly undergo censorship and ethical control.

“I share the public outrage and apologize for this situation. I hope to restore a warm relationship to the name and staff of the factory,” he concluded.

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