Energoatom wants to get rid of the control of the Ministry of Energy through the courts

The National Atomic Energy Generating Company “Energoatom”, which unites all operating nuclear power plants in Ukraine, filed a claim with the economic court of Kiev. In it, she asks to invalidate the company’s charter, approved by order of the Ministry of Energy in December 2019, and which, according to the state-owned enterprise, imposes excessive control over it. This is stated in the claim of “Energoatom” against the Ministry of Energy, which is at the disposal of Radio Liberty.

Industry experts consider such actions “unprecedented”, because this is “the first time that Energoatom has challenged the actions of its shareholder.” The current version of Energoatom’s Charter provides that only by agreement with the Ministry of Energy, the company has the right to transfer free of charge its property to other legal entities and individuals, draw up a financial plan, approve the general organizational structure of the enterprise and its divisions, the number and staffing. Read also: Together with Kolomoisky, Medvedchuk also makes money on coal supplies to the state-owned Centrenergo – “Schemes” “The current version of the charter contains a significant number of rules that violate the rights and legitimate interests of the company, as well as create obstacles and make it impossible for the normal and efficient operation of the enterprise – the subject of the electricity market – a state-owned enterprise, ”says Energoatom’s claim. “The approval of the charter of NNEGC“ Energoatom ”by the authorized body is possible only subject to the consideration and adoption of an appropriate decision by the board.

However, the board of NNEGC “Energoatom” did not make such a decision, ”the document states. In addition, any changes to the charter of Energoatom, the state-owned enterprise emphasize, must first be coordinated with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and the European Atomic Energy Community (Euratom). “However, the current version of the charter was not agreed by the EBRD and Euratom in the established order and was not even sent, ”the lawsuit says. Read also: NKREKP accuses DTEK of the collapse in electricity prices, the company demands a “fair investigation” Energy Minister Olga Buslavets said in a comment to RFE /RL that she knew about such an appeal by Energoatom before the trial.

“Provided the appropriate services to investigate this issue. These were the changes made to the charter of Energoatom by the previous head of the ministry. Therefore, after providing a legal assessment, appropriate decisions will be made, ”Buslavets said.

Chairman of the profile public organization “Bureau of Comprehensive Analysis and Forecasts, Sergei Dyachenko considers such a step on the part of Energoatom” unprecedented. ” Read also: Zaporizhzhya NPP will almost halve production in May – Energoatom “This is the first time in my memory when Energoatom challenges the actions of its shareholder – the Ministry of Energy. State-owned enterprises, like all other enterprises, should have the right to conduct independent economic activities. But Energoatom has been a powerful source of corruption for too long.

Therefore, additional control by the shareholder – the Ministry of Energy – is the right decision, ”he says. According to the Unified Register of Court Decisions, a preparatory hearing on the case is scheduled for July 22. Energoatom is the largest electricity producer in Ukraine, the company is responsible for the safety of operation of all nuclear power plants in the country.

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