Ancient sarcophagi found near Cairo

Ancient sarcophagi, statues, toys, papyrus from the Book of the Dead and other artifacts were discovered by archaeologists during excavations of a necropolis near Cairo, Deutsche Welle reports.

“Artifacts four thousand years old were found in 22 burial mounds in Sakkara – a village 30 km south of Cairo, where the oldest necropolis of the capital of the Old Kingdom – Memphis is located. Finds include a four-meter scroll of papyrus from the Book of the Dead, sarcophagi, statues, stelae, toys, wooden boats and burial masks, “writes DW.

The ancient Egyptians believed that hymns and texts from the Book of the Dead helped the recently deceased walk through the” underworld “.

A burial temple of Pharaoh’s wife Aunt was also discovered.

As noted, most of the items belong to the Sixth Dynasty, which ruled Egypt from 2323 to 2150 BC. More than 50 wooden coffins were also found, which date back to the later New Kingdom era. This is the first time that such ancient coffins have been found in Saqqara.

“The artifacts will help return tourists who have almost stopped coming to Egypt due to the pandemic. The country has stimulated the tourism sector with new archaeological finds in the past. Later this year the authorities are planning to open the Great Egyptian Museum, also known as the Giza Museum, “the portal reports.

Previously, excavations at Saqqara focused on the step pyramid of Djoser, one of the first in ancient Egypt. Last November, Egyptian Antiquities Minister Khaled al-Anani noted that “the finds of Saqqara are not yet exhausted.” The name of the settlement comes from the name of the god of the dead Sokar, the patron saint of the necropolises.

Based on materials from: Deutsche Welle

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