Dollar strengthened by 11 kopecks – NBU

The dollar has strengthened by 11 kopecks, according to data on the website of the National Bank of Ukraine. The reference value of the exchange rate of the hryvnia to the dollar is set at 26 hryvnia 87 kopecks. Analysts of the Ministry of Finance portal wrote on the morning of May 25 that the decline in the volume of transactions in the Ukrainian interbank market will be associated with a weekend in the United States.

Americans are celebrating Memorial Day, and on the Ukrainian market, transactions with the dollar will be held by TOM. Experts point out that this is not a very interesting form of settlement for Ukrainian clients (transfer of the hryvnia today, delivery of the dollar tomorrow), and therefore they postponed the bulk of transactions in dollars until tomorrow. At the same time, low market volumes are extremely interesting to speculators, because small transactions can actively “move the rate”.

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