The dollar again storms the summer record against the hryvnia

On the Ukrainian interbank foreign exchange market, quotations in the hryvnia-dollar pair are approaching the record for this year values ​​recorded earlier this month. According to, as of 12:05 pm, the quotes reached 28 hryvnias, 40-41.5 kopecks per dollar. This is only a penny less than the results of trading on October 5, when the dollar was given 28 hryvnia 41-42.5 kopecks.

Then, focusing on the indicators of the interbank market, the NBU set for October 6 the rate of 28 hryvnia 40 kopecks per dollar, which was a record value since November 2018. “Since yesterday, the state has begun to actively pay for VAT refunds (about 1.5-1.6 billion hryvnia was transferred on Tuesday), and the receipt of hryvnia on exporters’ accounts reduces their interest in selling foreign currency. This has a bad effect on the volume of supply on the interbank market and will again work against the hryvnia … According to our data, today non-residents will enter the auction with the purchase of currency, and it will also work against the hryvnia.

But the calculations based on yesterday’s auction of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine for the placement of government bonds will practically not affect the situation on the market due to their minimal volumes. At the auction on October 27, the Ministry of Finance was able to place bonds for only 395.6 million hryvnia, ”analysts of the website“ Ministry of Finance ”noted before the start of trading. The National Bank of Ukraine set noon on October 28, the reference value of the exchange rate of 28 hryvnia 39 kopecks per dollar.

This is 2 kopecks higher than the official rate for today.

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