The dollar has updated a two-year record against the hryvnia

On the Ukrainian interbank foreign exchange market, the growth of quotations in the dollar-hryvnia pair continues. The American currency has already renewed the record of November 2018 and is very close to another benchmark set almost 26 months ago. At the beginning of September 2018, the interbank quotes were 28 hryvnia 41-45 kopecks per dollar, and the official exchange rate for September 5, 2018, the NBU set at 28 hryvnia 49 kopecks per dollar.

As of 12:20, according to, the quotes of the interbank market amounted to 28 hryvnia 43-44.5 kopecks per dollar (trading opened at 28 hryvnia 39-41 kopecks per dollar). The first factor that influences the foreign exchange market, analysts of the website “Ministry of Finance” named the receipts of significant amounts of VAT refunds from the state to exporters. “They received about 5.6 billion hryvnia and will now start spending it actively to finance their current business operations.

In addition, some of these companies act not only as exporters, but also buy goods and services abroad. This turns them and buyers of foreign currency on the interbank market, which increases the demand in the market, ”experts point out. The National Bank of Ukraine at noon set the reference value of the rate of 28 hryvnia 43 kopecks per dollar, which is 3 kopecks more than the official rate on October 29.

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