The dollar on the interbank market fell to 26 hryvnia 50 kopecks

On the Ukrainian interbank foreign exchange market, for the first time since mid-March, quotations fell to the level of $ 26 50 kopecks per dollar. According to, as of 12:10, the trades were held at the level of UAH 26 49-51 kopecks. “Already in the first hour of the session, the National Bank bought back $ 20 million at UAH 26.54.

This keeps the quotes from sinking, because the supply exceeds the demand, “- noted as of 11:00 the specialists of the Ministry of Finance website. The National Bank of Ukraine has set the exchange rate of 26 hryvnia 57 kopecks per dollar on May 19, and the reference value, published at noon on Tuesday, is 5 kopecks less than 26 hryvnia 52 kopecks per unit of American currency.

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