Food prices “slightly increased” over the week – National Bank

During the week, food prices in Ukraine rose slightly, the National Bank reports in the Economic Review of the Week. “In particular, fruits rose in price under the influence of reduced supply, as well as beef and some cereals. The change in food prices, in respect of which the state monitoring was introduced, was insignificant and multidirectional, ”says the review published on May 22. Prices for medicines, according to the NBU, were decreasing under the influence of market factors, in particular, the stable situation in the foreign exchange market.

Retail prices for medical masks have also declined due to the expansion of supply, the survey says. “The cost of delivery from catering establishments practically did not change, including due to a certain decrease in demand for this type of service and the expansion of supply through the relaxation of restrictions. Gasoline and diesel prices remained virtually unchanged.

The exception was automobile gas, the prices for which are growing under the influence of increased demand against the background of an increase in the movement of the population by road, ”the statement says. The Cabinet of Ministers has introduced quarantine in Ukraine since March 12 due to the threat of COVID-19. The authorities announced that there are five stages of exit from quarantine in Ukraine.

Since May 11, Ukraine has begun to weaken the quarantine measures introduced earlier due to the coronavirus disease COVID-19. This week, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine decided to move to the second stage of easing quarantine from May 22.

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