Buslavets announced whether the electricity tariffs will increase

Interim Acting Minister of Energy of Ukraine Olga Buslavets in an interview with Radio Svoboda said whether the electricity tariffs for the population would increase. “I want to reassure our population, which has an approved electricity tariff. It has been unchanged since 2017.

And, as the Prime Minister has repeatedly emphasized, no one is preparing a decision to increase this tariff, ”she assured in“ Saturday Interview ”. To the assumption that the reason for this is the close local elections, which will take place in the course of a significant drop in the ratings of the ruling Servant of the People party, Buslavets replied: “I think that it’s not even because of the elections. Without an increase in social protection of people, without an increase, perhaps, a living wage and pensions, it is perhaps inappropriate to talk about an increase in the tariff for the population today. ”

At the same time, she stressed that her words relate specifically to tariffs for the population: “As for all other consumers, there are different segments in our market. The market of bilateral agreements – there is its own price formation. We have a day-ahead market.

This is the so-called stock exchange where indicative prices are formed. There are other segments that form the overall mix of electricity costs for non-residential consumers. I am in favor of market rules, so that the price on the market is formed in such a way that it corresponds to today’s supply and demand ”.

The Minister of Finance of Ukraine Sergey Marchenko also recently announced that the International Monetary Fund supports the government’s initiatives on the issue of gas and electricity tariffs and does not violate the issue of tariffs within the framework of the stand-by program. “The issue of transparent tariff setting has always been the subject of interest of the IMF. But now we see from the IMF support for the government’s initiatives in this matter, ”Marchenko said.

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