Businessman Yaroslavsky asks Zelensky to intervene in the situation at the Electrotyazhmash Plant

A businessman, owner of the DCH group, Alexander Yaroslavsky, asks President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky to intervene in the situation at the Electrotyazhmash Plant (Kharkov), which, in his opinion, is on the verge of stopping.

“As a citizen of Kharkov, I appeal to you with a request to resolve the situation at the once powerful Kharkov enterprise “Electrotyazhmash”, which is state-owned and administered by the SPF. Today the plant is on the verge of stopping: it is burdened with billions of dollars in debts, sales markets are lost, “Yaroslavsky said in an open letter to the President of Ukraine circulated by the DCH press service on Wednesday.

According to him, Electrotyazhmash repeats its fate Kharkiv Aviation Plant, which actually no longer exists.

Yaroslavsky calls unprofessional management the key reason for the current state of affairs at Electrotyazhmash and notes that the rescue of enterprises of this level is possible only through the arrival of a responsible private investor.

“The plant will not survive until the privatization auction for Electrotyazhmash, promised by the State Property Fund for the first half of 2021. Therefore, I ask you, Mr. President, to intervene in the situation and keep Electrotyazhmash for Kharkov and Ukraine, “Yaroslavsky writes in an open letter.

” It does not matter who becomes the owner of Electrotyazhmash after its privatization. It is important for the plant to live, work, develop, pay taxes, provide jobs and salaries to Kharkiv residents, “the businessman sums up.

As reported earlier, Yaroslavsky noted that he was interested in the privatization of Electrotyazhmash.

The State Property Fund previously planned to prepare the plant for privatization by October or the end of 2020, but then, during the crisis and until the situation on the world markets stabilized, it decided to postpone its sale.

Electrotyazhmash specializes in production powerful hydro generators, turbine generators for thermal power plants and nuclear power plants, electric motors for drives of rolling mills, mine hoists, traction electrical equipment for railway and urban transport.

According to the Ministry of Economy, in January-September 2019, the plant reduced its net income by 16% by the same period of 2019 – up to UAH 1.38 billion and received more than UAH 33 million in loss against a net profit of UAH 4.04 million.

According to the person removed at his request from and fulfilling the duties of the general director of the plant Viktor Busko, the plant for 2020 already has confirmed orders from existing customers for the supply of products worth more than UAH 1.5 billion by the end of the year.

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