Azovstal topped the list of the largest recipients of VAT refunds with an indicator of UAH 1 billion

The Azovstal metallurgical plant, a member of the Metinvest group, topped the list of the largest recipients of value added tax (VAT) refunds in August 2019 with an indicator of UAH 1.046 billion, while at the end of July its refund amounted to 4.37 million UAH, according to data on the website of the State Treasury Service (SCS).

According to the ministry, the top three recipients of the budget refund of this tax also included the Dnieper Metallurgical Plant – UAH 766.42 million (there were no data on refunds in July) and the Ilyich Mariupol Metallurgical Plant (MMK) affiliated with Metinvest – 678 , UAH 07 million against UAH 725.87 million in July.

The top 5 largest recipients were also the mining and metallurgical plant “ArcelorMittal Kryvyi Rih”, which in July topped the list with an indicator of UAH 1.05 billion, – UAH 633.73 million in August, as well as Zaporizhstal from the Metinvest group – UAH 467.64 million against UAH 544.05 million last month.

Zaoporizhkoks is behind them in the list – UAH 400 million, Suntrade – UAH 298.13 million, Zerno-Agrotrade – UAH 230.66 million, Solar Pharm – 3 – UAH 219.76 million (these companies did not have data on reimbursement in July) .

The agricultural exporter Kernel-Trade closes the top ten of the largest recipients – UAH 215.55 million (UAH 217.46 million).

The second ten is opened by Myronivsky Hliboproduct (MHP) – UAH 200 million (data were not available in July) and Nikopolsky Hliboproduct (NZF) – UAH 197.99 million (UAH 223.87 million).

Primorskaya the wind power plant (WPP) received UAH 157.85 million of VAT refunds in August (no data were available in July), the State Food and Grain Corporation of Ukraine increased the indicator by more than one and a half times – UAH 142.08 million (UAH 83.88 million). At the same time, the Server Mining and Processing Plant (SevGOK) worsened its result for the month – UAH 114.96 million (UAH 173.21 million), according to the State Treasury data.

Roshen also entered the top twenty. – UAH 100 million and Tsukoragroprom – UAH 99.72 million (both companies did not have data in July), Optimusagro Trade – UAH 99.48 million (UAH 99.65 million), Dnipro Metallurgical Plant (DMZ) – 97 , UAH 6 million (UAH 128.12 million), Polyus Trading – UAH 90.31 million (data were not available in July).

As reported, the budget VAT refund increased from UAH 10.4 billion to 11 in July , UAH 35 billion in August this year.

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