Ukraine is in 13th place in the world in steelmaking in the TOP-10 in pig iron production

World steel production in January 2019 amounted to 146.70 million tons, which is 1.00% higher than in January 2018 (145.18 million tons).

In the first place in the rating of producers is the People’s Republic of China, which produced 75.01 million tons, which is 4.35% more than in the first month of 2018 (71.89 million tons). The PRC’s share in world steel production was 51.1%.

Brazil is now in 8th place (2.93 million tonnes, 101.1% versus January 2018), displacing Turkey to 9th position (2.57 million tonnes, 80.47% versus the first month of 2018). ), while Italy dropped to 12th position (1.96 million tonnes, or 96.39% versus January 2018), yielding 11th place to Taiwan (2.01 million tonnes, 110.39% versus the first month of 2018 d) The rest of the positions remained unchanged.

Among 64 steel-producing countries, Ukraine is still in 13th place (1.85 million tons, or 95.1% compared to January 2018). Nevertheless, in terms of pig iron production, Ukraine is in the TOP-10 countries with an indicator of 1.79 million tons.

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