Steel st.45

Steel grade 45 belongs to the category of high-quality structural alloys with a carbon content of 0.45% with an insignificant proportion of alloying elements. A change in the percentage of carbon in the alloy significantly affects the operational properties of the metal and its endurance. The inclusion of 0.45% carbon assigns grade 45 steel to medium-carbon alloys, which are distinguished by high functionality and endurance, an extended area of application, the presence of foundry and other parameters.

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60мм 2000х6000 ст45 Гост 1577-935,699211,398
70мм 2000х6000 ст45 Гост 1577-936,70416,704
70мм 2000х 4300(рез) ст45 Гост 1577-934,80114,801
80мм 2000х6000 ст45 Гост 1577-937,662
90мм 2000х3800(рез) ст45 Гост 1577-935,46015,460
100мм 2000х6000 ст45 Гост 1577-939,577328,731
110мм 2000х5000 ст45 Гост 1577-938,86318,863
120мм 2000х5000 ст45 Гост 1577-939,66919,669
130мм 2000х2600(рез) ст45 Гост5,47515,475
140мм 2000х4000 ст45 Гост 1577-939,04119,041
140мм 2000х2400(рез) ст45 Гост5,51115,511
150мм 2000х4000 ст45 Гост9,68719,687
160мм 2000х3500 ст45 Гост 1577-939,053
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Chemical composition in% of steel 45

ГОСТ  1050-88

0.42 – 0.50.17 – 0.370.5 – 0.8до   0.3до   0.04до   0.035до   0.25до   0.3до   0.08

Features of the

Steel 45 is gaining its strength capabilities due to normalization. This is a process that requires certain equipment, significant temperature conditions, and cooling sources. An increase in the hardness of the metal and a decrease in plasticity are achieved due to strong heating, a certain holding time, followed by sharp cooling in water, oil, salt, acid, alkaline solutions, water-soluble polymers, in air. The result of hardening steel 45 is influenced by various factors:

  • the heating rate of the workpiece;
  • temperature regime;
  • holding time;
  • the size of the workpiece and the uniformity of heating;
  • period and environment for cooling.

Temper brittleness is not inherent in steel 45. This fact plays an important role in the creation of structures of complex configurations and shapes. Rolled metal, grade 45, is well processed and forged. At the same time, they first achieve temperatures of +1250 degrees, and then the temperature regime decreases to +700 degrees.


Steel 45 is difficult to weld. When welding with conventional methods, cracks may appear at the joints. But, after preheating followed by heat treatment (most often quenching and tempering), the metal becomes strong and reliable, without flaws in the joints.

Technological properties of steel 45

        Свариваемость:    трудносвариваемая.
        Флокеночувствительность:    малочувствительна.
        Склонность к отпускной хрупкости:    не склонна.

Manufacturing methods

Sheet products from st45 are made by hot-rolled and cold-rolled methods. Hot-rolled sheet production is regulated by GOST 19903-2015. This rolling refers to thin-sheet with a thickness of up to 3.9 mm. Flat products with a thickness of 4 to 160 mm are classified as heavy-plate products. St45 sheets are produced from:

  1. increased and normal accuracy;
  2. edged and unedged edges;
  3. normal, high, improved flatness.

Cold-rolled sheet is a product of additional processing of hot-rolled sheets. It meets the requirements of GOST 19904-90 and is produced with a thickness of up to 5 mm. Cold-rolled sheet is endowed with a more accurate thickness throughout the plane, and other improved characteristics.

Steel 45 gives products:

  • strength;
  • elasticity;
  • hardness;
  • resistance to abrasion, corrosion;
  • durability;
  • tolerance to any temperature changes;
  • the ability to operate in sea water and other aggressive conditions.


Steel 45 is used in those parts and mechanisms that are subjected to high loads. It is used in mechanical engineering, machine tool building, shipbuilding, construction, and the mining industry. St45 perfectly demonstrates its strength and wear-resistant properties in the manufacture of:

  • gear wheels;
  • gear shaft;
  • axles;
  • drums;
  • spindles;
  • bolts;
  • cams;
  • fasteners;
  • disks;
  • cylinders;
  • shafts;
  • bed;
  • blacksmith’s anvils;
  • connecting rods of engines;
  • car axles.

Analogues and substitutes

According to the brand of steels and alloys, the main substitutes for steel 45 are steels 40X, 50G2, 50. In practice, rolled metal from st45 in some cases changes to st35, 45X, 40XN, 40XC. The price of steel 45 is higher than that of ordinary grades, but below st40X. Therefore, consumers choose the best option that will meet the required characteristics and the corresponding price.

Analogues of steel 45

США1044, 1045, 1045H, G10420, G10430, G10440, G10450, M1044
Германия1.0503, 1.1191, 1.1193, C45, C45E, C45R, Cf45, Ck45, Cm45, Cq45
ЯпонияS45C, S48C, SWRCH45K, SWRCH48K
Франция1C45, 2C45, AF65, C40E, C45, C45E, C45RR, CC45, XC42H1, XC42H1TS, XC45, XC45H1, XC48, XC48H1
Англия060A47, 080M, 080M46, 1449-50CS, 1449-50HS, 50HS, C45, C45E
Евросоюз1.1191, 2C45, C45, C45E, C45EC, C46
Италия1C45, C43, C45, C45E, C45R, C46
БельгияC45-1, C45-2, C46
ИспанияC45, C45E, C45k, C48k, F.114, F.1140, F.1142
Китай45, 45H, ML45, SM45, ZG310-570, ZGD345-570
Швеция1650, 1672
Болгария45, C45, C45E
ВенгрияA3, C45E
РумынияOLC45, OLC45q, OLC45X
Чехия12050, 12056
Австралия1045, HK1042, K1042
ШвейцарияC45, Ck45
Юж.КореяSM45C, SM48C

Украинские производители

Листовой прокат из ст45 с толщиной от 6-ти мм до 200 мм выпускается Мариупольскими металлургическими комбинатами «Азовсталь» и им. Ильича, Днепровским, Алчевским МК. Производители изготавливают листы с длиной от 5-6 метров до 12 метров и шириной от 1,5 м до 2,5 м. В отдельных случаях производители допускают изготовление листовой продукции с длиной до 24,4 метра и шириной до 3,3 метра. Кроме высококачественных листов, соответствующих всем нормативным показателям, у производителя можно купить более дешевый отсортированный листовой металлопрокат. Широкий номенклатурный ряд со значащими размерами способствует применению этой продукции в судостроении, мостостроении, тяжелом и специальном машиностроении, энергетике, военной промышленности, угледобыче, изготовлении нефтяных буровых платформ.