Metal products from stock and on order

Our company presents a complete list of metal products produced by Mariupol Azovstal and Ilyich Iron and Steel Works. Including flat products of various grades of steel and long products for special purposes.

We offer cooperation to large consumers of metal and wholesale regional traders. Mariupolpromsnab has the ability to work with any volumes of supplies, providing guarantees of timely delivery and a flexible system of discounts. Constantly in stock more than 800 tons of sheet metal-rolled steel grades 3, 20, 45, 10HSND, 65G, 09G2S, etc. A wide list of sheet steel sorting at a reduced price.

10 +

years of steel trading

2000 +

tons of metal in stock

1235 +

realized contracts

What do we offer

Wide range of sheet and long steel

For more than 10 years, Mariupolpromsnab has been supplying metal-roll to machine-building plants and construction companies. Mariupol metal products enjoy well-deserved popularity among Ukrainian consumers and foreign customers of our company.

Procurement Sales

Steel billet in the form of ingots and plates, which we offer, has high quality at an attractive price.

Machine builders

We offer special steels with controlled high quality rolling.

Catalog metal rolling

Constantly in the company’s warehouse in Mariupol and the Dnieper more than 2000 tons of sheet steel of different grades.

Steel grades for the oil and gas industry

Ст3сп 09Г2С 08Х13 10Х17Н13М2Т 12Х18Н9 08Х18Н10 12Х18Н9Т 08Х18Н10Т 12Х18Н12Т 08Х18Г8Н2Т 08Х22Н6Т ВСт3сп 10Х14Г14Н4Т

Steel grades for mechanical engineering

Ст3 Ст20 Ст45 Ст65Г Ст40Х Ст30ХГСА Ст25ХГСР

Steel grades for the chemical industry

AISI 304 (08Х18Н10), AISI 316 (10Х17Н13М2), AISI 316T (10Х17Н13М2Т), AISI 321 (12-08Х18Н10Т), AISI 430 (12Х17), AISI 430, AISI 201 (12Х15Г9НД)

Steel grades for the construction industry

Ст3сп Ст20 10ХСНД 15ХСНД 09Г2С 17Г1СУ 14ГС 08кп

Steel grades for the automotive, railway and shipbuilding sectors

PCA, PCB, PCD, PCE, AB/A, AB/B, AB/D, AH36, DH36, EH36, AH36 Z35, DH36 Z35, EH36 Z35, BVA, BVB, BVD, BVE

Tool and high-strength steels


why exactly we

Ask about us in the market

Mariupolpromsnab never violated its obligations, despite the sometimes existing obstacles.

Most of the contracts our company has fulfilled ahead of schedule of deliveries and makes every effort to ensure that the buyer remains our client for many years.

Our level

We are working to improve the quality of service and improve the skills of our managers.

Production 85%
Technology 70%

In stock

more than 2000 tons of metal

A wide range of sheet steel of different grades and thicknesses. We provide discounts for steel grading.

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